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Full Line Code Completion by JetBrains: A Game-Changer for Secure, AI-Assisted Coding

In an era where AI integration into development environments is becoming the norm, JetBrains has taken a monumental step forward with its latest feature, Full Line Code Completion. This innovation is not just about enhancing productivity; it's about redefining the boundaries of secure, AI-assisted coding.

The Security Edge

For teams operating under stringent security requirements, the adoption of AI technology has often been a balancing act between enhancing efficiency and safeguarding sensitive information. The Full Line Code Completion feature addresses this concern head-on by ensuring that all data processing occurs locally, on your machine. This means no data is sent to the internet, nor is it used for AI model training beyond your control. It's a significant stride towards maintaining the sanctity of your codebase, offering peace of mind to companies with tight security mandates.

Seamless Integration and Cost Efficiency

Another aspect where JetBrains has hit the mark is the integration of this feature into IntelliJ IDEs. Unlike other AI-assisted coding tools that require separate subscriptions, Full Line Code Completion is available at no additional cost to users with a valid IntelliJ license. This integration not only simplifies the developer's workflow but also represents a cost-effective solution for organizations aiming to leverage the latest in AI technology without inflating their budget.


JetBrains' Full Line Code Completion feature is a testament to the company's commitment to innovation, security, and user convenience. It opens up new possibilities for teams to harness AI's power in their coding endeavors without compromising on security or financial efficiency. For developers and companies navigating the complexities of secure coding practices, JetBrains offers a beacon of hope and a path forward in the age of AI-assisted development.

Embrace the future of coding with JetBrains and unlock the full potential of your development practices today.

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Jon Randy 🎖️

Hi there, this post seems like it was created with strong assistance from ChatGPT or similar. AI generated/assisted posts should adhere to the guidelines for such content.

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Nikita Koselev

I use AI to sum up my notes on the article and help me come up with the resulting text in English. So the text was not written by a bot, but it was written by a person who uses AI to read, watch and process stuff and is not a native English speaker.

Thank you for sharing the guidelines. I'll aim to use the comment above in the end of my articles.