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Open Source Newbie! Please help!

Hi to everyone! My name is Nicolás i have 21 years old, i droped the economics university after 3 years and i have been studied intensely "how to code" (10 to 14 hs at day) for 8 months ( i learned html, css, js, react, node.js, mongodb, gatsby, python, etc) and i want to start to contribute to the open source comunity but there is a problem : i don't know how to start and what kind of things i can do for them.

So im very glad if some of you can help me to see a way and start doing things. I really want to help to others but i don't no how to start. So if you know about some project that i can help or something like that, no doubt and tell me about it.
Also I want to say sorry for my english, because it's not perfect (i'm working on it) and thanks for your help.

Thanks a lot!

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Manda Putra

Hi nicolaz! This is what I do when tried to contribute to one of OSS software I use.

  1. Build it,a nd make it run
  2. See some features you curious about
  3. Learn that features code (how they implement that)
  4. Search for an Issue, if you can tackle the issue so just make a PR. this website might be usefull for you.

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I would say get familiar using reddit, Twitter or slack for asking questions like this. One lesson I learned is stack overflow is horrible for discussion type question, but it great for specific help to specific problems. Avoid ambiguity, and try to be as specific as possible when asking a question. Chances are someone else already asked it. 9/10 I find the solution I'm looking for when asking the right questions.

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Tobias Nickel

On popular opensource projects, are very good people working, that is why they are so popular. Sending in bad PRs actually can make them extra work and slow down the development.

I think here on dev, you can support a project you like by using a module you like, learn more about it and share your experience.

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Krrish Dhaneja • Edited

I also started contributing to OSS past year only, you can first start off by correcting the documentation of the project, because many of big OSS projects do not have correct documentation or it may also contain typos, and after that you can start contributing to projects by building them and spotting bugs and errors, and if you know python well, than you can help the python community, by building python from source and testing it and providing your feedback, here is the source code of python and they have a well documented build instructions in README. Other option is you can contributing to React js' source code