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Do you have a "uses" page?

nickytonline profile image Nick Taylor (he/him) ・1 min read

We all are particular about the software and hardware we use. Something common that came about out of all this is tech folks that blog, stream and/or give talks started getting a lot of questions like, what font do you use? What theme is that? What kind of monitor etc.

So tech folk that have web sites started creating a "uses" page. If you have a uses page, share it in the comments and consider adding it to @wesbos ' awesome project uses.tech.

If you don't have one, here is mine as an example, https://iamdeveloper.com/uses

Might as well share a workstation photo too while you're at it.



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DEV/Forem profiles should have pages in addition to posts. Like tabs on the profile. 🤔


Not yet, I feel that I'm not relevant enough for people to have an interest on what I kinds of tech/stack/hardware I use.

Hopefully one day I'll be so tired of people asking what is my VS Code font/theme that I'll write one up. 😄


I don't think you need to be a Wes Bos or Kent C. Dodds to justify having one. Also, it was just fun to make . 😺


I have been noticing a few of those on other people's portfolios! Always seemed like an interesting idea... Totally didn't know there were as many as folks listing it as shown on uses.tech/ though! Building mine this week! 😎


No, but I can give a great "uses" page template

<!DOCTYPE html>

<html lang="en">
        <meta charset="utf-8">
        <style id="style-descrption">

            html, body {

            .indent {

            #section {

        <div id="section">
            <div id="pagename (example: Home, Uses, Info, etc...">
                <h1>Pagename's content:</h1>
                <div class="indent">
                    <h4>Font: <a href="font-url">Font Name</a></h4>
                    <h4>Resource: <a href="rsrc-url">Resource 2</a></h4>
            <div id="other page">
               <h1>Other page's content</h1>
               <div class="indent">
                   <!--Same thing -->


Tbh, I'd rather see more pages adopting humans.txt, as I care way more about people than tools. The format also contains a section specifically for listing tools used to build the site though, so it covers that use case too:

/* SITE */                       
Last update: YYYY/MM/DD              
Standards: HTML5, CSS3,..     
Components: Modernizr, jQuery, etc.     
Software: Software used for the development

Anybody that wants to be added to uses.tech needs to send a PR to this repo updating this file in particular.


I do, but certainly not with your amount of detail! Makes me wanna put some time into it. msfjarvis.dev/uses/


There's only 8 people under the Australia tag on the uses.tech website so maybe I will 🤔


I didn't know about such pages. I'll definitely add something similar to my blog. :)


I have a uses page not only for other's benefit but for mine. I list out all the specs for the desktop I built and peripherals so I don't need to filtering through my order histories to find which RAM I bought and all that good stuff. I should definitely go back through and add IDEs, extensions and all those other goodies.



I like the trend and also found some amazing tools checking out uses.tech I added one to my website.



Oh I also use amphetamine XD It prevents "My Mac" from going to sleep... yeah really effective.....


Cool! So now i can add a nownownow and a uses page on my portfolio. Thanks!


I've come across that site before I might do it too although I'm not sure anyone would be interested in what I use but its a cool idea.


This is something I didn't know I wanted! Thanks! Going to work on putting one together. 😁

EDIT: Did it 😌


I had no idea that was a thing! So neat!


I've been thinking about adding one.


I was surprised to see that you list your hardware and office equipment, I didn't think a "uses" would cover that much.


I guess it depends on the “uses“ page. I modelled mine after some I saw initially like @wesbos ’ and @kentcdodds ‘s “uses” pages, e.g. kentcdodds.com/uses