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EEEEP. Tomorrow is the day

So Tomorrow I start a 13 week boot camp with NorthCoders

To say I'm excited is an understatement, Don't get me wrong I've done coding in the past, from a little Minecraft modding in Java to HTML and JavaScript. I even dabbled in python for a little. I enjoy coding and I think I'm Good at it. I enjoy the challenge of solving problems and implementing solutions, so why am I nervous?

I think I'm nervous because this is the first time someone will really judge my code, Someone is going to take the time to not only teach me, but to also let me know if I'm actually any good.

My hopes for the boot camp is that I learn more than I Know now, I want to grow as a developer. I want to be able to be confident enough to attend interviews and confident enough to share my experience and knowledge with others. I've been through "tutorial hell" and back, I also suffer from a lot of Impostor Syndrome, When I code I have that nagging feeling in side the little whisper of "Am I good enough" I want to use the boot camp to finally beat that feeling.

I watched a video by James Q Quick that has helped me prepare and I think anyone planning on attending a boot camp should check it out too.

I feel like my kids felt when going into a new school, a little exited a little nervous. Let's just see what the next few weeks bring..

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