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Boot Camp Week 1

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Week one is done,

I've finishes week one of boot camp, I need to say this upfront, I've done the basics of JavaScript before following a number of YouTube tutorials. but this time it was different.

I really enjoyed the conversation this week, Sat in lectures it was more than I expected, the lectures are to way, unlike a YouTube video I was able to ask questions and try and answer them, And the tutors aren't afraid to make mistakes. this is HUGE to me, A lot of the time when you watch something its edit all crisp and clean and it makes coding seem like this really impossible thing. but knowing that I'm not the only one making mistakes is a big thing for me.

So what did you learn?

This past week we concentrated on the basics of JavaScript and carried on from some of the things we learned during the pre course, we looked at the basic of the terminal and how to use git, All things I already have a firm handle on, sounds like it might be boring since I already had a good grasp of it right? far from it, its good to hear someone different explain things to you sometimes, they might explain it in a new way and it might just Click.

This week we also had a lecture on the sorcery known as RegEx, the secret of which until now seemed like a mystery, Just having someone explain it to me in a different way with different examples has made it more understandable, the same goes for the rest of the subjects we covered.

what did I like the most?

the best thing about this week has to be the structure of the boot camp, the days starts with a warm up, a small not too tough exercise to get your brain going, after that we move into lectures, the lecturer explains the topic in a really easy to understand way, after lectures we move to sprints, this is time for us to get going practicing what we have just covered, Its the same after lunch with a lecture and a sprint.

Anything I didn't like?

Not really anything I didn't like, I did find some of the extra challenges a little bit challenging but that's not always a bad thing. PAIR programming, I don't understand it yet I get the basic of it but the reasons make no sense yet, I get that 2 people sit at a computer and code but only one of them at a keyboard at a time makes no sense.

I'm looking forward to week 2, I look forward to the new things I'm going to learn, and if its anything like the first week its going to be very interesting.

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