Feature Requests on 2017/10

nektro profile image Meghan Denny ポ1 min read

If there was a more proper place to put this, then I'm sorry in advance I made a full post about this but there are two things that I think it would be super cool if dev.to had.

1) Top Posts

We already have top tags, but no top posts. Not that I think articles on here should be a competition for reactions by any means, but it would be a nice place to show beginners and new members as a list of examples of articles the community has loved, as well as a place for older members to easily find popular posts.

2) Small mobile enhancements

This is actually what inspired this post but anyways, there is no way to view th "Hot Tags" and "Latest discussion threads" sidebars on mobile.


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Yes, both things we are working on. Thanks for the feedback. 🙂


Also a read later button for posts please!