Links in an inline code don't link

nektro profile image Meghan Denny ・1 min read

There is a bug in the markdown parser that does not hyperlink links from within an inline code block.


`[DOM Standard](https://dom.spec.whatwg.org/)`


[DOM Standard](https://dom.spec.whatwg.org/)


markdown guide

Hmmm never even considered this the expected behavior.


Hmmm, it seems it works if the code is put inside the hyperlink

edit: nevermind


Hmm agreed with Ben, I would think if a link is in code it's meant to show you the code and not the hyperlink.

This is the effect I was going for. The idea was that I would link a keyword to the documentation but put the keyword in an inline code block to have the monospace font.

In the ink it shows this code:


Which renders like this:


Which is different from what you wrote, right?

slightly, but because i realized the original way didn't properly compile to adding the <code> part, which dev.to does not with with the backticks inside or outside the url

Hah whoops I expected that to go differently. I now know what you're talking about.

Ahh that makes sense. @nektro I think on GitHub it does what you're talking about.