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Introducing offline-docs, collection of scripts to generate offline documentation of open-source projects

Offline-docs is a repo with collection of scripts to build offline documentation for your favourite frameworks/libraries. Simply search 🔎 for your tool, copy/paste the build commands and enjoy.

But why? / Motivation

Learning or working on a new language often requires referring to the official docs multiple times. With the rise of Static Site Generation (SSG) many documentation sites are now open-source and can be built for offline usage. This project aims to collect all such websites and the build commands to have a knowledge of widely used SSG tools.

How to use this repo

Details about each tool such as website, source code repo and build commands are given in README page of the repo. Once you are on the repo

  1. Find the framework/library/tool for which you want to build the documentation (you can search in the Available Tools or with Ctrl+F)
  2. Open a new terminal
  3. Copy paste the build commands shown for the tool
  4. Open the output dir as mentioned in the last command (or) unarchive the .tar.gz file in your preferred location and rename the folder
  5. Use any static site serving tools like serve (npm package) or simply python -m http.server. (We recommend using serve package)

Currently available tools

  • Blockchain
    • ethereum
    • hardhat
  • Build tools
    • vite
  • CSS frameworks/libraries
    • daisyui
    • material ui
    • tailwindcss
  • Frontend javascript frameworks/libraries
    • reactjs
    • vuejs v3
  • Javascript testing libraries
    • chaijs
    • mochajs
  • Other
    • eslint

Many more websites are coming soon (including Mozilla Developer Network (mdn) 😉). So, go to the repository, create a star ⭐ and show your love ❤️ towards the project.

Thanks for your time!

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