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Hacktoberfest: let's contribute to my project offline-docs

What is it?

Offline-docs is a repository with a collection of scripts to generate offline documentation for many open-source projects. It's been a while I introduced this project in my earlier post. Since then, I kept adding more and more projects to the repo and now it contains more than 50 scripts.

This hacktoberfest let us make this project even more useful by contributing your valuable time and efforts. This post describes many ways in which you can make code and non-code contributions. But first, let me explain quickly how the project is organized.

Show me the code


This project uses yaml files for storing data related to each project. The projects are grouped into project groups based on the common theme. This project uses node.js to handle these yaml files and to automatically and consistently generate file.

So, before contributing anything, first install all dependencies by running npm run install.

Contributing to the project

Adding a new project

For adding a new project or project group a script cli.js is provided. When you run the script, it asks for the required information and stores them in yaml files and updates the README. The git clone ... & cd dir commands will be added by the script. So, only enter the required commands to be run after cloning the repository.

When in doubt, run the script and look at the generated readme file.

Modifying/updating an existing project

For modifying details of any existing project, modify appropriate yaml file in projects folder and then run index.js script to format the yaml files and to update the file with the changes.

Non-code contributions

Testing the scripts

As the source code of the project changes, sometimes we may need to update the scripts. That is why last tested details are given for each project. If you happen to be testing the script and it worked, you can update the last tested date.

To limit the possibility of simply updating the date without actually testing, you are required to post a screenshot in the PR request comments showing that you are able to access it offline.

Request more projects

If you require scripts for any project that you want to generate offline documentation for, you can add them in the file with following details

  • Website URL
  • Source code repo for the project
  • Any commands that you've already tried (optional)

The source code repo URL is required and it shows that you've done your own research.

Other contributions

You can follow the issues and can work on them if interested. But please let me know before you start working on it, so another person may not waste their time.

Looking forward for your contributions :)

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