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Getting Started With Cloud

Hi there!,

As one who made the move from a non-technical background into tech, I get asked a lot on how I made the move especially in the cloud.

While I understand that getting started in the cloud might be hard, I am here to provide some tips which I found really helpful.

  1. Start with the fundamentals: Before you start off with getting into the specifics of any cloud service, I recommend you get familiar with the IT fundamentals. This will serve as a strong foundations to build on your cloud skills. trust me, cloud computing is mostly around these basic IT fundamentals. Some concepts include;
    a. Linux Bash
    b. Networking fundamentals
    c. Programming, Git (advised to start with python)

  2. Cloud service fundamentals: Now that you have a good understanding of the fundamentals, it's time to now dive in to a cloud service. There are various cloud services to leverage. As a two time certified AWS person, I am a little biased towards AWS as I have found that to be more easy to learn with and understand. (Do not worry, anyone one you start with is fine, there is a lot of similarity amongst the cloud services).

  3. Find mentors: I can not over emphasise this enough. There are many people that have walked the path you are currently embarking on. Find such people and learn from them. Ask as many questions as you may have. I wish I learnt this earlier, but I am happy I did too. It will save you tons of mistakes you might make. You do not need to physically meet people before they become your mentors. Thank God for platforms like linkedIn where you can find a lot of people to learn from. I will add a list of people you can follow on your cloud journey.

  4. Celebrate every win: Whether big or small, celebrate every win and believe that you are deserving of every good opportunity that comes your way. It's never easy to get things done. You are trying and should be proud of your journey.

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.

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