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MDB5 Angular 6.0.0 Released!

MDB5 Angular 6.0.0 Changelog

New features:
Select - added new inputId and inputFilterId inputs that allow to declare ids for input elements

Breaking changes:
Updated Angular to v17, this version is required in MDB Angular v6

Calendar - changed type of defaultView input from string to MdbCalendarView

Datepicker - changed type of options input from any to MdbDatepickerOptions


  • Changed type of options input from Options to MdbTimepickerOptions and made all parameters optional
  • Changed SelectedTime type name to MdbTimepickerSelectedTime and added this type to public exports

Popover - removed unused template input


  • Changed return type of all events from MdbSidenavComponent to void
  • Removed redundant li element from MdbSidenavItemComponent template


  • Changed onSearchOutput event name to searchOutput
  • Changed selectOutput event name to selectOutput
  • Changed onChange event name to listChange
  • Changed onSearch event name to itemSearch
  • Changed onSelect event name to itemSelect

Sidenav - removed height animation transition
Select - blocked input clearing in disabled component
Input fields - resolved problem with default label position in all inputs with built-in placeholder (like datetime-local or time)
Lightbox - resolved problem with component removal from DOM after using browser's back button
Timepicker - resolved problem with font size in landscape view

Full Changelog here

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