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DataDen - Coming Soon. Tailor Your Data, Your Way

Keep Coding, creators of very popular UI KITS MDB (Bootstrap) and TWE (TailwindCSS) have just announced they are close to launching a new product: DataDen - Plugin that extends the functionality of the library with table component.

Advanced data structure
The latest and most advanced data structure allows customizing each column (sort, width, resize, field) and matches values from each row to a column in which the field equals a given key value.

Draggable columns
Experience seamless interactivity with our draggable columns feature. Effortlessly rearrange your data grid to suit your workflow, ensuring optimal organization and efficiency. Just click, drag, and drop to customize your data display exactly as you need.

Explore efficient data navigation with our pagination example. Learn to seamlessly handle large datasets by integrating simple, intuitive pagination controls.

Column search
Discover the power of quick data retrieval with our search column feature. Easily locate the information you need within your DataDen grids for a more streamlined and productive data management experience.

Cell formatting
Enhance your data grid with our versatile cell formatting options. Tailor each cell's appearance for clarity and impact, using colors, fonts, and styles that make your data speak volumes. Perfect for highlighting critical insights and personalizing your data view

Compact version
Unlock the full potential of your data grid with advanced CSS customization. Style every aspect to match your brand or personal preference, from colors and fonts to layouts. Create a visually cohesive and highly functional data interface with ease.

Waiting List
So don’t hesitate to join DataDen’s Waiting List: Get front-row seats to the future of Data Grid.

In due course, you will receive an exclusive discount that you can use to purchase Data Den Plugin (& more!)

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