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🚨Material Design for Bootstrap Version 7.2.0, released!🚨

Material Design for Bootstrap Version 7.2.0 Changelog:

New features:

  • added viewChanged.mdb.datepicker event
  • changed days aria-label to be human readable

Datatable - allow setting table ID

Select - added event

Timepicker - added clear.mdb.timepicker event

Fixed & improved:

  • fixed search input init and style
  • fixed triggering search.mdb.transfer event
  • fixed checkbox in transfer header


  • fixed triggering cancel.mdb.popconfirm event
  • fixed dispose method

Chips Input

  • fixed bug with input init
  • fixed enter keydown triggering form submission


  • fixed sort reset pagination
  • improved performance while cell formatting many columns
  • fixed borders bug with fixed option


  • fixed datepicker cell width
  • added aria-disabled to disabled dates, month and years


  • added functionality to save the selected date when the timepicker toggle button is clicked
  • fixed navigation to initial time and date on open


  • added update of aria-expanded on open and close
  • fixed clear button action with hidden option


  • improved marking of active item
  • fixed transform with RTL when option hidden is set to false

Animated navbar - fixed auto init

Calendar - fixed view change select

Input Mask - fixed bug after backspace keydown

Table editor - fixed rows per page select

Treeview - fixed auto select of parent checkbox

Treetable - fixed animation on open

Carousel - fixed dark variant

Modal - fixed dispose method

Autocomplete - added update of aria-expanded on open and close

Multi Range Slider - fixed start.mdb.multiRangeSlider event

_Timepicker _- fixed RTL styling - clock and button position

Fixed $form-check-input-hover-before-box-shadow SCSS variable

Check out MDB here

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