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Learn Kubernetes from your browser ?!?!

Learning Kubernetes can be complicated especially because you will need a specific context to do some commands/process, or need a computer with enough resources to run minikube on it.

So today, I will present you some website which will allow you to learn and manipulate Kubernetes from your web browser!


Kodekloud is a platform to learn kubernetes. So there you will be able to find complete courses from beginners level to certifications. (with specific exercies to prepare you for the exam!)

With that, you will have access to a playground where you will have a lot of exercises for your courses and other stuff to train you following some themes. (on kubernetes, k8s tools... and cloud/devops other technologies)

It's a really great platform that I've used along there courses, so I recommand it really hard!


Killercoda is a platform where killercoda peoples and other creators can create scenarios that anyone can create!

The access is free and you already have a lot of scenarios for Kubernetes and its certifications! You can also have access to empty kubernetes clusters to play on!

It can be a great tool along your courses or if you're trying to learn by yourself! is a platform to help you to train yourself for a certification.

This platform will let you access to exam preparations like if you are attempting the real one! You will be in the same conditions with questions which can be in the real exam!

Unlike KodeKloud or killercode, you will buy a number of test attempts. So train you a lot on KodeKloud or killercoda and go to if you want to be sure that you are ready.

I hope it will help you! 🍺

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