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Mursal Furqan Kumbhar
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8 Free Websites that feel illegal to know..!

Welcome Back Readers 👋

I have gathered a list of a few websites, that would make your working on different genres easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy 😉

1. Convertio

Converting a file is always a pain in the bum. Convertio allows you to convert files to any format you want. FOR FREE!!!

2. HemingWay App

Craft better sentences. Most of us use more words than necessary. Well, worry no more. Trim the fat from your writing with this AI Copyeditor.

3. Consensus App

Get answers based on the latest research. Google is cool and all, but it tends to favour popular answers over correct ones. This web application uses AI to find evidence-based answers from the latest academic research.

4. Temp-mail

Temp-mail gives you a temporary email and inbox because who wants to give out their actual email address? Right? Well, here's your email and inbox. Unlike Mailinator, temp-mail gives you a free and private inbox to get your email from unknown and non-trust contacts.

5. Excel Formula Bot

Convert text instructions into Excel formulae. Have you forgotten an Excel formula? Simply ask Excel Formula Bot in plain language what you want to do and get a simplified version of your query in the form of an Excel Formula.

6. PDFDrive

Read millions of books for free. A PDF search engine that lets you download and read over 80 Million books or files for free.
(NOTE: I don't condone piracy, check if you're not breaking any laws before downloading)

7. QuillBot

QuillBot rewrites everything as plagiarism-free text. It even helps you re-write AI-generated text so that AI sniffers do not catch it.

8. TinyWow

Modify any media. TinyWow is an online toolbox that lets you do hundreds of things with your files such as editing PDFs, converting videos to GIFs and removing background from pictures.

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Christine Pinto • Edited

What a fantastic list, Mursal! Thanks for sharing these 8 free websites. It's surprising how many resources are out there just waiting to be discovered. Your guide makes it so much easier to explore these gems. Looking forward to diving into each one. Keep the great content coming!

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Harry Wilson

I find the combination of Quillbot and MyEssayWriterAI incredibly effective for enhancing my writing process. Their synergy elevates the quality of my work to new heights.

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Quillbot is reaaaaaally brutal! Thanks for this list!

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Athreya aka Maneshwar
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thanks for sharing

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