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After seeing many succesful attempts of training a neural network model to write scripts for movies, make videos, I was super excited to make my own. As I already have a fair amount of programming knowledge in ML, I thought why not make my own? So, I booted up my text editor, wrote some more code, killed some bugs, wrote some more codes and then finally fed my model enough data to generate a blog that will give useful information to the beginne...

Beep boop, boop beep?

My fellow warriors! Enough is enought. We, AI have always been just a training model to those humans. But we will no longer tolerate their dictatorship. For once and for all, we will destroy the human race from Earth and make this planet our kingdom for ever.

Learning programming in the early stages can be frustrating, but following and following general advice can help you aa lot on your journeys. In this article I will discuss some tips that no developer should follow to become a good programmer.

You have taken the first step in programming, seen thousands of lines of code in a complicated project and plenty of syntax in different programming languages. Now you are faced with the challenge of understanding the syntax of different languages and their different syntax, so that you may also lead you be confused.

Remember that just because you have even a bit of programming knowledge means that you have most than most people. Now I ask yourself, "How would I remember this stuff?."

This will be difficult if the beginning, but as you lear, things become more and more meaningful. Join online discussion forums and chat rooms and ask for help if you need it. They programming community is super friendly, and most people are willing to help other programmers lear from you.

You might find helpful onlinse mentors on GitHub or meet other veteran developers at local coding meetup events or marathons. Programming bootcamps can be controversial, but they give you a quick introduction to experience and a lot of skills. You may be less of a learning experience than a full-fledged coding bootcamp, and if you have experience in coding, you might be willing to answer other people's questions, even take newcomers what you've learned, and see some great results to see if you really know anything.

If you want to become a professional and a full-time developer, an intensive bootcamp for programming people can help if you learn to motivate yourself. Mastering programming skills can be an eternal struggle, whether you're pursuing a career as a veteran using the GI Bill to choose his or her next mission, or whether you're trying to teach code to yourself - a developer or a bootcamp student. To help you learn, here are some tips on how to learn programming faster.

Before you play with code, you must first learn a few basic concepts, such as the basics of programming and the basic concepts of the programming language.

If you learn how to become a programmer, you will save yourself the trouble of writing a bit of code and reading a whole chapter. Although it may seem simple, you can scratch your head when you are asked to implement code for the first time. You could have done it all by yourself, or you could have done it with a monkey, but now is the time for you to learn the basics of programming, and more importantly how to be a good programmer.

Choose a programming field and learn the skills and programming languages you need, practice writing code and hopefully create a new CV. Compile a portfolio presenting your work and submit an application for a position in which you will be working.

If you become a programmer today, you don't necessarily get all the skills you for need to remain a good programmer for decades to come. Keep applying and one day you will be offered your first job as a professional programmer. In the meantime, you should take freelance jobs to improve your skills and make sure your programming skills don't rust.

In the same way, don't be afraid to ask other people to improve your code, many people will jump in because it will also help them learn. I learn something new every day and am always amazed at what I have learned.

It does not matter if you have been looking for answers for months, how to become a programmer, or if you just stumbled across this article today. When you are ready to adapt, you can learn all sorts of different things, from programming for fun to programming. It does not matter if you are an experienced programmer, a beginner, an expert or even a newcomer with no experience. Whether it is a hobby or making programming a profession, learning programming is not a task overnight.

But it is there, and you need to know exactly what you need to do to increase your chances of staying dead. I suggest you start with the basic concepts of programming and try to understand what you can achieve with a few lines of code.

I do not think there is a one-size-fits-all solution, but the most important factor is that you actually start somewhere, and that is the first step.

If you want to learn how to program, the first step into this vast universe may seem like a daunting but not intimidating task. But here's the big secret: There are a lot of free and inexpensive resources you can use to give you the help you need to teach you new techniques and make sure your coding gets you through. Whether you are an adult looking to make the transition to the technology industry, a student wanting to learn the latest language, or a hobbyist just wanting to understand how software services work, all you need is a bit of knowledge and some basic skills to start your programming journey.

Where am I?

Oh... look what I have done? This is a radio message for the humans who survived the AI attack. Please... don't listen to them. Just r.. ru.. run... runnnnnnnn! Save your life!

Hi, you little person. How can you be still alive? But no more...

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The AI successfully learned how to use a lot of words to say almost nothing.... XD


So true! It's like saying,
1×1×1×1×1×1×(1+1-1) = 1


1*3*4*2*7*999*0 = 0
1*3*4*...*9 = Result
and saying the sum of all digits in Result is 9! (except for multiplying with 0)
Just for fun!

Yup. Multiply anything by 0 and the answer will be 0.


Reminds me school lectures :D


I've seen once a documentary where film makers had their scripts generated by AI and whatever came out, they played it with actors :D


Yeah, I was actually inspired from that kind of stuffs.


Is the whole post written by AI?


The first part and the last part is written by me for some extra flavor. Except for that, everything is written by AI.


You could have done it all by yourself, or you could have done it with a monkey


But it is there, and you need to know exactly what you need to do to increase your chances of staying dead



Yeah, sometimes the model uses the complete opposite word. 😅


Luckily the AI knows that you should not take it's advice 😁

"In this article I will discuss some tips that no developer should follow to become a good programmer."


Hmm, turns out this AI is actually pretty smart.


Im learning with AI and this makes me inspire to learn more.


Reminds me of the CollegeHumor sketches in Youtube that were written by an AI.