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Definition of terms, Eloquent Javascript

Still on the book: Eloquent Javascript.

I learnt to define a couple of terms in programming. Defining the function of a tool or concept is as important as learning how to apply it. I started with the later. Today I looked into the former.

What is a module?

A module is a piece of program that specifies which other pieces it relies on and which functionality it provides for other modules to use (its interface).

What is a Minifier?
A minifier is a tool used to reduce the size of a program by automatically removing unnecessary pieces of code or rewriting code to reduce the file size.

What are Packages?

A package is a chunk of code that can be distributed (copied and installed). It may contain one or more modules and has information about which other packages it depends on.

What is a bundler?
A bundler is a tool that helps you put together all your JavaScript code or modules into one Javascript file before publishing to the web. The gist behind having a bundler is that fetching one javascript file is faster than fetching several tiny modules.

What is a promise?
An object that may produce a value sometime in the future.

Day 83 done and dusted.

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