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Margaret W.N
Margaret W.N

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Day 98: Slow down for Vue

I learnt a valuable lesson today. Stop trying to run before you can walk. That's what I've been trying to do with Vue and I keep getting stuck. I will resort to a smaller project so I can familiarize myself with component communication.Before I think of progressing with the website.

I've spent the better part of the day being frustrated on why a concept that seems so easy in a tutorial is this frustrating. But it's part of the learning process though.🤗

Day 98

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Manuel Castellin

Smart thinking, try with something smaller...
Have done the same yesterday, trying to follow a documentation page and nothing worked.. turns out a very small note on the side of the page was telling me exactly what I needed 🤣 wasted half day... anyway...

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Margaret W.N

I definitely should, but I keep trying one more time.

😂 that narrative sounds familiar. A whole day wasted only to realise your trying to much too soon..