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Day 99: Component communication got nothing on me 😎

I know I said I'd try something smaller but I just had to try one more timeπŸ˜‚. This time I got it right πŸ’ƒ. Component communication got nothing on me😎.
The links to the components that were giving me a hard time: Menu, Tab, Card. Disclaimer: I'm not using the best practices here rather I'm working with what works and adjusting as I learn.

This means continue...

I was motivated to continue working on the design. Unfortunately, a designer's dream is a developers nightmare. I clearly created my own nightmare. After hours and hours of trying to get implement the design, I ended up with this. So close but not it.

Alt Text

You don't wanna know how I pulled that offπŸ˜‚, did some dirty tricks somewhere. Just so you know those are 3 flex cards and I switched the data for the last two cards to get to that. It sounded brilliant until I thought about responsiveness and it was clear that this was pretty dumb. The good thing is when your the developer and designer you can always choose to wake up from the nightmare and dream I again. I chose just that, redesign!

Alt Text

This was easy to implement. It feels good to be in control. 😌

Alt Text

I love the relationship I have with code, this whole back and forth thing is exciting. When I'm on the verge of giving up it somehow works out. If only relationships in real life we're this exciting.πŸ˜‚

That was Day 99

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