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Day 79: Eloquent Javascript

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Today was different. I started reading a book on javascript: Eloquent Javascript. This is the first technical book in my short history of web development. I learned a couple of new concepts, quoted below:

Type coercion

When an operator is applied to the “wrong” type of value, JavaScript will quietly convert that value to the type it needs, using a set of rules that often aren’t what you want or expect.

For those of us like me that omit semicolons for no apparent reason.

In some cases, JavaScript allows you to omit the semicolon at the end of a statement. In other cases, it has to be there, or the next line will be treated as part of the same statement. The rules for when it can be safely omitted are somewhat complex and error-prone.

I'll stop omitting semicolons

A Call stack - a stack data structure that stores information about the active subroutines of a computer program.

Every time a function is called, the current context is stored on top of this stack. When a function returns, it removes the top context from the stack and uses that context to continue execution.

I am loving the book, I was really contemplating whether to read or not but after the first three chapters I'm positive that it is worth my time.

Thats it for Day 79
I'll be back tomorrow with more concepts learnt from the book

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