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Caching and fetching data in PWA

I am back with a working service worker. The article covers caching data and fetching cached data in a Progressive Web App, which were today's lessons.

To cache data you have to declare two variables, one holds the cache name and the other holds the data/files to be cached (should be an array of files).

const cacheName = 'cache-v1';
const cacheResources = [
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Caching resources/data:

self.addEventListener("install", event => {
  console.log('Service Worker install event');
    .then(cache => {
      console.log("Service Worker: Caching files");
      return cache.addAll(cacheResources );
    .catch(err => console.log(err))
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Code Explained:
Self points to the global scope which in this case is the service worker. You attach an event listener which listens for the install event, opens: .open() cache storage with the declared cache name and adds all the files addAll().

Fetching data:

self.addEventListener("fetch", event => {
  console.log('Sw: fetching');
  .then(cachedResponse => {
    return cachedResponse || fetch(event.request)
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Code Explained:
To fetch data you'll listen for the fetch event and check if the requested data matches the cached data: caches.match(). If the data matches send back the data if not make a network request. This should be within respondWith() function which prevents the default browsers fetch handling.

That's it for Day 67
Let's do this again tomorrow

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