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FastAPI Deploy On DigitalOcean's App Platform

Evan E. Baird
I write Python code in For loops; just For loops. And eats Fruit Loops.
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What I built

I built a simple FastAPI app that will respond with random Yo' Mama! jokes.

Category Submission:

Random Roulette: Everybody's building a COVID19 app. COVID19 got
nothing on a good Yo' Mama joke! Also, I can't program for crap so there's that as well. One day I'll build a COVID19 FastAPI app. That day ain't today.

App Link

Yo' Mama!


This is a simple FastAPI app that dishes out Yo Mama Jokes in the same vein as dishing out affirmations like Tilde Thurium's affirmations API.

Link to Source Code

Source Code

Permissive License



Building this app to show how to deploy a FastAPI app
to DigitalOcean's App Platform. DigitalOcean has examples of the major Python web frameworks, but not FastAPI. This post will fix that since I believe that DigitalOcean's App Platform is ideal for deploying FastAPI fast.

How I built it

Using FastAPI web framework

Additional Resources/Info

  • FastAPI: The Official Documentation
  • FastAPI course: Fastest quickstart in the world for FastAPI. Yes, even faster than FastAPI's official docs. Narrated, written, and coded by @fishnets88.
  • FastAPI course: If you're an actual professional Developer/Programmer, I'm not. This course supports financially FastAPI library and will show you how to use FastAPI for its ultimate purpose. Serving ML models. I just use it for Yo Mama jokes and Bob's Burgers hamburger recipes. There's got to be somebody out there who needs that for their ML stuff... Right???

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