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Makes blade components blazing fast - Laravel 9.36 Release

In the new version 9.32 I liked this new feature which is making blade components blazing fast which is a very important development

Nuno Maduro contributed an optimization to improve blade component performance. I suggest you check out the description in Pull Request to get the full details of the improvements with examples. In summary, the description includes some rough estimates of enhancements:

Anonymous components — up to 52% faster
Class View components - up to 39% faster
Class Inline components — up to 92% faster
Dynamic components ( that renders anonymous components ) — up to 72% faster
Dynamic components ( that renders inline class components ) — up to 83% faster
Huge kudos to Nuno and all those involved in making this update possible! Laravel forever!

I hope you enjoyed with me and to learn more about this release visit the sources and search more. I adore you who search for everything new.
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Source :-

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