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Great Things Laravel 10.7 Released

In this release I found two new features and a lot of other fixes and additions, so I wanted to share with you guys

method for the Process layer. This method will run commands in sequence and pass the output of the previous command to the input of the next one,
This can be handy when you need to chain the result of a group of commands

$pipe = Process::pipe(function ($pipe) {
    $pipe->command('cat test.txt'),
    $pipe->command('grep -i "foo"'),

$pipe->run()->output(); // "foo"
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method in the Validator class to set the value of a given attribute. The author of the PR gave this description for the need for this method

// with this PR:
$this->validator->setValue($attribute, $value);

// previously: very slow!
Arr::set($this->data, $attribute, $value);
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I hope you enjoyed with me and to learn more about this release visit the sources and search more. I adore you who search for everything new.
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