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Aglili Selorm Cecil
Aglili Selorm Cecil

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My First Month As A Software Engineer


Like most people in the tech space that I have come across, my journey with tech or computers started as a kid.I had lots of interest in computers and I have carried that interest till this day.


As someone who has built or worked with personal projects a lot, every time I see a new codebase the first thing that comes to mind is that "there’s a lot to learn". This is because there's always something newer or something simpler than how I would usually do it. In my first week, I felt overwhelmed by most of the tasks but after that I started to get hold of the standards or inputs that were required of me.


My onboarding experience was such a calm journey, my seniors and colleagues really made me feel at home and explained most of the things and standards to me. They also took me through the tools we use and all other stuff I would need to know. As an introvert I barely spoke or asked questions because i was shy but i'm gradually fitting in.


Even though I was abreast with OOP, I soon realised it wasn't the standard that I was required to have. I also realised my SQL skills would be put to a test because I only got my hands dirty with "ORMS". So far I have been putting in effort to quickly get the above skills so I can effectively contribute to my team


So far the learning curve has been okay, this is because i'm quite knowledgeable with most of the technologies or frameworks we use here. I have also been passed some resources I could use to speed up my learning process


When I started, I was given the basic tasks to perform so as to build some "stamina". In the past weeks I have been given actual tasks that require research and lots of logic to build. I have also been allowed to take some decisions on how things should be and when the team didn't agree, I am made to understand why my decision or choice was not good enough.Interacting with my seniors has given me a specific line of thought to take when I try to tackle or solve problems


No major achievements but I have been able to close all the tickets i have been assigned without making a mess of anything.


I can say I have experienced some level of growth in several aspects. A few of them include my confidence , problem solving skills, time management and communication.


So far I have enjoyed my experience at the workplace, the people, the benefits and the learning experience make me happy. Sometimes we may not even remember the simplest things and sometimes we write 100+ lines and everything works on the first run. Everyday isn't the same, we can only try our best and if things don't go well we try another day.

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Chandler Davis

Nice work landing your first SE role! I hope your second month is even better than the first. If I may, here’s some advice I wish someone told me when I was getting started:

  • Speak up! Don’t be afraid to bring up ideas, and once you have some confidence, learn to argue your viewpoint(s) effectively. If you disagree with a design decision (or whatever), make your side known! It’s not about winning, and you must be open to either standing down or having your mind changed, but remember—you were hired for a reason, and any senior/manager worth their salt should be willing to at least hear you out. If you’re right, it’s a great feeling, and even if you’re dead wrong, it’s a valuable learning opportunity.

  • Never stop learning! Learn more about the things that interest you. Even if it doesn’t align perfectly with what’s used at your company, the insights you will gain can be invaluable, and who knows—that shiny new programming language might be the right tool for the job one day and you’ll be the perfect person to take the lead on it.

  • Take good care of yourself. Take breaks, and often. Work hard, but not so hard it takes a toll on your health, happiness, or relationships. Plus, when solving a difficult problem you’re stuck on, walking away for 30 minutes can be more effective than staring at the screen for 3 hours.

  • Find the people to work with that make you feel valued and respected, and stick with them. Lots of people will look down on you as a junior, and even more will try to take advantage of you. You may be new, but you worked hard to get where you are and you deserve to be treated with respect.

I hope some of this will be helpful as you start your journey. Best of luck, and happy hacking!

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Scott Reno

Keep learning! I've worked with too many developers that think they know it all and stop learning. They'll never improve or move on to better positions because they're stuck and eventually their knowledge will be outdated and useless.

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Hari Acharya

Yo congratulations, hope that you're doing great with the team. Just go with the flow and never stop learning. We will face new things everyday at work either that is a simple calculation mistakes or a production downtime. All of those are thrilling and that will be the must fun part for you later on. Keep going and keep posting..

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Ephraim Atta-Duncan


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Jehoshaphat Tatiglo

Congrats on your first month of professional experience. Keep the fire up.

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Aglili Selorm Cecil

thanks bro