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50 high quality developer jobs - Startup Dev Jobs of The Week [13th July, 2023] - Post 3

Hey there, Here's the third installment of this series.

TLDR: Check out 50 developer job opportunities weekly from top VC-backed startups at {Startups} && {Devs}.

Welcome to our series where we list a portion of high quality developer jobs that we curate every week.

Read more about why we run this project and how we source and curate these high quality jobs every week.

What's in it for you every week?

We dive deep into 30+ job boards, including 20+ from leading VCs, and compile 50 job posts that meet these standards:

  • Backed by a top 5% VC
  • Company Glassdoor rating 4+
  • Top quartile team-size growth for their segment and size over the last two years
  • The job post is fresh (implying active recruitment)

To help you evaluate, we also present funding info from CrunchBase, team growth details from LinkedIn, ratings from Glassdoor, and job post specifics. We aim for a balance between frontend, backend, and full-stack roles across various experience levels. Currently, we cover jobs in the US and India for remote, hybrid, and in-person roles.

Our newsletters often also include content to aid your career development, particularly in the startup ecosystem.

To explore these opportunities further, you can find all the relevant details in our latest post {Startups} && {Devs}

That concludes our update for this week. We’ll see you next week. Remember, you’re awesome! 🤗

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