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50 High-Quality Developer Jobs at VC-Backed Startups: Your Weekly Roundup [10th Aug, 2023]

Hello, Devs! Excited for another round of top-notch developer job opportunities? We're back with our weekly roundup, bringing you the best from the world of VC-backed startups!
Here is the 7th edition of our weekly series.

Each week, we meticulously curate from over 30 prominent job boards, including an exclusive peek into 20+ from esteemed VCs, bringing to you a list of 50 job opportunities that pass our rigorous benchmarks. We spotlight companies that enjoy the patronage of heavyweight VCs, hold a commendable Glassdoor rating of 4+ and have showcased robust team expansion over the last two years. We also emphasize freshness, ensuring the listings indicate an ongoing recruitment drive.

For a comprehensive understanding, we fuse funding data from CrunchBase, growth trajectories from LinkedIn, feedback from Glassdoor, and salient points from the job description. We're committed to providing a harmonious mix of frontend, backend, and full-stack roles suitable for a range of experience levels. At this time, our focus is on roles based in the US and India, inclusive of remote, hybrid, and on-site positions.

This week, we've got some exciting roles lined up:

1. Cortex is looking for a Senior Software Engineer, Frontend for a remote role. They're backed by Sequoia Capital, Y Combinator, Craft Ventures, Tiger Global Management, IVP. Click Here.

2.AxiomCloud is hiring a Backend Software Developer for a remote position. 
Click Here.

3. Aalto is on the hunt for a Senior Fullstack Engineer for a remote role. Click Here.

4. Figma is seeking a Software Engineer - Creation Engine for an in office-role at their San Fransisco & New York Offices. Click Here.

5. Tetrasonic is looking for a Senior Software Engineer for a remote role. Click Here

For this issue, we have :

  • 26 roles in the US and 24 roles in India.
  • 17 Backend, 15 Frontend, and 18 Fullstack role.
  • We have 8 Frontend, 8 Backend, and 8 Fullstack roles in India.
  • We have 9 Frontend, 7 Backend, and 10 Fullstack roles in the USA.
  • 17 of these jobs offer remote work opportunities, and 4 are Hybrid roles.
  • Experience level: 18 jobs mention less than 2 years (or no specified level), 20 jobs between 3-6 years of experience, and 12 jobs with 6+ years of minimum experience required.

To view all 50 of these these opportunities, check out {Startups} && {Devs}.

That’s all from us for this week, folks. Thanks a lot for dropping by. You are awesome! 🤗

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