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Chief Technology Officer at Alcumus

Continuous updates as you process data in TypeScript

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2 min read

Unjam your server: NodeJS collaborative multitasking

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Glitch free 1,000,000 record data processing in TypeScript with js-coroutines

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4 min read

Search as you type at 60fps with js-coroutines

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js-coroutines gives your code: data indexing and lookup functionality, in idle time

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60fps with Functional Programming in idle time

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Make your own truly flexible apps: Inversion of Control Pt 2

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6 min read

A SOLID framework - Inversion of Control Pt 1

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Inversion Of Control: Pt 0 - Introduction

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Real world Javascript map/reduce, solving the Poker Hand problem

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What's your ideal job / who is your ideal employer?

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js-coroutines passes 100 GitHub stars, gets own website, API docs, typings + more examples

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Server Sent Events are still not production ready after a decade. A lesson for me, a warning for you!

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How to process heavy workloads AND animate at 60fps in Vanilla JS, any Framework or React Native:

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60fps Javascript with async LZ compress/decompress using js-coroutines

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Write cool stateful animations with js-coroutines

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Tight Code 1: When immutability goes bad

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Another React Virtual Dynamic List

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Async components in React - Open Source library

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