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You ask, I share my opinion - Free ebook

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Since I released my Cloud Native Web Development book, many readers messaged me saying they enjoy my personal view of various topics.

Would you read a free ebook written by me where I discuss my view of the tech world? You ask, I answer.

Any tech topic is fair game. Learn how to code, job hunting, hiring process, interviews, promotions, big vs small biz, testing, pair programming, job levels, spaces vs tabs. Whatever you can think of, I'm sure I have an opinion.

Who am I?
I have twenty years of web dev experience and am the author of Cloud Native Web Development ( I was an individual contributor, software architect, co-founder, CTO and now work at Google Cloud helping enterprise customers modernize their applications.

How does it work?

  1. Simple, ask your question in the comments.
  2. I will collect all of them, together with the responses I get on Twitter. I will then answer each question and combine all answers in a free ebook.
  3. You download the book and start reading and learning.

Ask me anything!

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JoelBonetR ๐Ÿฅ‡

Hi Mike, that's a great idea!
You want people to ask you only after reading your book or do you have any other [free] source so we can discuss about different tech world concepts?

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Mike Nikles

Oh no need to read my book. Ask anything about tech, career, mentoring, whatever and I'll share my opinion about it.