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Mutable vs Immutable Deployments - A Diagram

mikenikles profile image Mike Nikles ・1 min read

lunchbreak-diagrams (5 Part Series)

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Hey DEV community,

As I'm getting closer to my June 28, 2020 deadline to release my book, Cloud Native Web Development, I decided to dedicate half an hour during my lunch breaks from now until I publish the book to draw the (architecture) diagrams I need.

I'll just throw them in here, hoping others find them useful.

Today: Mutable vs. immutable deployments.

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Thanks for sharing. The Immutable Deployment is basically what you can do with docker image artefact based deployments.

However, the drawing tool is awesome. I did 2 architecture sketches with it today and the first time it was super fun.


this looks like a monolith vs microservice deployment to me ?


In theory, you could deploy a monolith as immutable. However, in practice, I agree with you that immutable deployments are much more often related to an architecture based on multiple, independent services.