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Pen Note - A Flutter Markdown Editor Log 2

Pen Note

A multi-platform markdown editor, created using Flutter

Hey guys it's been roughly a week I think since my last post here but I finally have an update to show regarding Pen Note.

So firstly I added all the other screens except two (empty and error state), I switched up a few things for the time being instead of linking it with a database I started off using the local storage to store all notes in the future I'll just send that file to the database for storage.

Following that I managed to add the edit, create and delete note functions and they can use more work but for the time being it's okay, however I'll be the first to day that it has a few bugs regarding the fetching from storage, I'll have to attend to in the near future but that's all for now. Let me know what you think below, don't forget to star the repository and donate if you can I appreciate your support.

Edit Screen (Mobile) Preview Screen (Mobile)
Alt Text Alt Text

Tell me down below what you think and any features I could possibly add to it in the future


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