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Side Project For Sale

Hello all, I'm here to wonder if anyone would be interested in buying a side project from me. I started this little project in September 2019 and from there I worked on it on and off during college and it's at it's final state of UI and functionality so where I just don't feel the same spark I once did when I started; probably because I have grown from a newbie.

The project itself is a Quote Generating App which features:

  • Four (4) categories
  • Adding to Favorites
  • A live section for the users to add their own quote to the app
  • Sharing feature

Although all features have not been implemented in this iteration the UI elements are all there at your disposal. Below is an image to display how the app looks, the app was built out using Flutter and Dart so that maybe useful to new comers or even juniors.

Display Image

If interested please indicate below and we can come to some kind of agreement in which I will transfer the GitHub Repository ownership to you.

Please share this around to anyone who you think would benefit from this.

Thank you for your interest, consider supporting me.


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