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OSD700 Goals

This week I have started my last semester at Seneca and decided to continue the open source work by taking the final Open Source Development class (OSD700).

The focus this semester will be on the Telescope project and its dependencies. The goal as a team will be to ship Telescope 3.0 at some point this April. It was great meeting with every student in the class this week, many of whom I have worked with last semester.

I have a few ideas about what I will be focusing on for the next few months. Of course it's possible that things will change as I go along.


I learned React in my WEB422 course and used it again last semester on the telescope front-end to display Github info for each post. I would like to improve my knowledge of React by getting involved in more front-end issues.

Monorepo tooling

Last semester I also worked on the developer experience by moving Telescope from npm to pnpm to achieve faster install times. The issue about improving monorepo tooling is still open and I will do some research on the benefits of potentially using Rushjs or Turborepo with Telescope.


One area of the project that I would like to get involved more in is Docker. I only know the basics of working with containers so I think it will be interesting to get deeper in the Docker world and maybe improve the current Telescope micro-services implementation.

These are the plans I have at the moment. It is very exciting to continue working on Telescope and I cannot wait for what we will be able to create as a group by the end of the semester.

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