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Close to the finish line

We are now less than a week away from the final Telescope release: version 3.0. Here's a quick update of what I've been up to.

Turborepo CI cache attempt

With my latest PR, I added support for Turborepo for our tests. I also tried to add the ability to keep a Turborepo cache as GitHub Artifacts in CI.

I used this GitHub Action by Felix Mosheev which basically creates a local server in CI that can be used to upload/download the cache during a CI run. The Turborepo docs mention that Remote Cache can be self-hosted and used with the command:

turbo run build --api="" --token="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
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Felix has a fully working example that I used as a guide. To run the Action we need a token that is used to connect to the local server. We are using the unique GitHub sha as the token each time.

Unfortunately even after Dave's follow-up attempts to make this work, the local server starts but no cache is saved. I don't think this is an urgent issue to get done before the 3.0 release so I might end up keeping this one for later.

Add Twitch URL to Sign Up flow

The other issue I started working on is allowing the frontend Sign Up page to take a Twitch URL. Thanh is also doing the same but for Youtube.

During a meeting, Dave suggested to rework the feed-discovery to handle not only blogs, but also Youtube and Twitch channels and he did so in a live coding session with Thanh and I. I reviewed his PR and I think it should be ready merged soon.

Youtube provides RSS feeds for all channels. You just need the Youtube channel id number and then put it at the end of this URL:

Twitch however does not do the same. This is were RSS-Bridge comes in handy. It creates an RSS feed for websites that don't provide one.

Finishing up the Sign Up flow is important so that future students can get started with Telescope by signing up directly on the website. Other students have already done the heavy lifting in this area but adding Youtube and Twitch support will be the cherry on top. I'll have an update on this in next week's blog post.

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