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Towards Telescope 2.9

By the time we ship the last release this semester (Telescope 3.0 on April 21th), I would like to have finished our monorepo tooling setup with Turborepo. So far we have made great progress as a group but there are still problems popping up left and right, especially with ESlint.

Monorepo tooling

As of right now I am not assigned to any of these remaining ESLint bugs but I have been active fixing bugs related to CI, reviewing PRs and offering help to my peers.

We are using Turborepo to manage ESLint in each package but there is more that can be done. We can use Turborepo for our tests as well so I will have an issue posted about it.

Docker and Nginx

In the meantime, I have been working with Docker and Nginx because I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and learn more about these two very popular tools.

I am very interested in Docker but I have only played with it on my own so far. I have learned the basics after watching all of the CCP555 lectures related to it.

I picked up an issue about sharing a single nginx container for all static sites. To do this I had to restructure the project to have both the Telescope app and our new Docusaurus docs to share a single Dockerfile. Inside this new Dockerfile, there will be a single Nginx container to deploy both sites.

I like this change because it will group all of our static sites into src/web. The PR is still a work in progress but I am hoping to have it ready for Telescope 2.9 next week.

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