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What is a repository that you think every developer should know about?

GitHub, among other Git providers, is full of hidden gems that are very helpful to all developers. Some of them are well known, but a lot of them are considered underrated even though they're valuable?

What's a repository that you think developers should know about? It can be an underrated repository with not many stars, or it can be a popular one that you still think more developers should know about.

P.S: 👀 Make sure to check out Medusa, the open source Shopify alternative!

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Michael Tharrington

I got one for my fellow community managers out there (or devs interested in community management)!

GitHub logo lee-dohm / community-manager

Thoughts and writings on community management

Community Management and Moderation

This repository contains my thoughts, lessons, guidelines and learnings around community management and moderation.

Rules of Thumb

  • Not everything deserves a response
  • Of the things that do merit a response, virtually none of them need a response right now


General Communication


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Shahed Nasser

That's a very cool list I love it!

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Nicklas Gellner

Staying within the Medusa space: 😇💜

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The absolute beast of Zod