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Medusa Next.js Starter now has Product Module support

I've just updated the Medusa Next.js Starter Template with full support for the serverless Product Module.

Introducing the Product Module

With the Product Module, you can customize product logic quickly and easily from within your Next.js project, keeping backend logic close to the frontend. It runs in a Vercel Serverless Function, meaning it doesn't require a traditional server to interact with your product database. It comes with functional examples, making it a great entry point for those new to the concept of serverless functions. And if you ever want to opt in or out of using the module, all it takes is a simple feature toggle.

About Medusa's modules

Medusa's modules are essential building blocks for ecommerce applications, designed to increase extensibility and customization capabilities. The Product Module is the first serverless Medusa module, and we will continue to release all parts of our SDK as a serverless module over the coming period. The Starter Template is an example of how to use the Product Module in a Next.js application, but it runs in basically every serverless environment.

Benefits of serverless modules

But what are the benefits of using serverless modules like the Product Module? For one, it keeps packages small enough for easy deployment to serverless infrastructure. Plus, it makes it easier to integrate modules into an existing ecosystem of commerce services, without the need for a dedicated ecommerce server. And of course, it makes it easier to customize or extend core logic in Medusa.

About the Next.js Starter Template for Medusa

With the Next.js Starter Template for Medusa, you can effortlessly build fast ecommerce sites. Medusa handles essential ecommerce logic like carts, products, orders, and more, all of which are easily customizable to suit your unique use case. And with complete support for Next.js 13, including App Router, you're assured of all the latest Next features and benefits.

Integrations for PayPal, Stripe, Algolia, and Meilisearch are built-in, ensuring a quick setup process. In short, the Medusa Next.js Starter Template with Product Module support is the perfect solution for developers looking to build high-performing ecommerce stores with ease.

Get Started With the Next.js Starter Template for Medusa

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