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Go Corona Go - 3d web game

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What I built

I built a 3D game and named it Kill The Corona.

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Random Roulette

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It's a timepass game and I think it's a bit addictive too. You have to shoot the corona 3d model floating in the air, and also have to stay safe from the virus balls coming toward you by shooting them or dodging them (No score for hitting the ground balls).

Link to Source Code

GitHub logo Maulikdes / kill-the-corona

Game developed using three js

Permissive License



As a kid, it was my dream to create a game and it's also a reason I am in the software development field. So here I am submitting the game I've created for the DOHackathon entry. I first created the game and I got an idea about the corona theme, so I have added corona models and virus texture on the objects and so.

How I built it

I have used DigitalOcean for the first time, I don't have much idea of other features that DigitalOcean provides but it was pretty easy to deploy the app and I really liked it. I wanted to work on Three.js for a long time, I really dived into the 3d world and learned a lot about 3d objects, models, and the rendering process. Honestly, I was frustrated a few times calculating and setting the coordinates in 3d. But everything is set now and I can now take revenge on the corona.

Additional Resources/Info

People who haven't yet checked out how cool Three.js please just have a look I got this theme idea from my nephew, who recently dressed as coronavirus in his school fancy dress competition

Discussion (5)

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Trushil Patel • Edited

My highest score is 47 :)

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Maulik Author

That's a very good score.... highest till now

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Maulik Author

My high score is 39, what is yours?
High score

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2 . :(

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Maulik Author

Keep moving Vishal... otherwise you'll get eaten by virus. Dodge or hit the balls to stay safe :)