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Recreating an endless document application

Writing about the stuff I do every day for more than 10 years in the tech industry, has always been something I wanted to do.

Today I created a new repository to work on an experiment and decided it was a good time to start scratching that itch of mine. I'd be happy if I can share some exciting things with you and keep you interested in following me along.

This will is an ongoing documentation of how I attempt to replicate the endless document concept of Worflowy and extend it with features I am currently missing.

Feedback is very welcome and highly appreciated.

Github Repository

GitHub logo martinemmert / endless-document

Replica of the Workflowy endless document concept.

Endless Document

Attempt to replicate the Workflowy endless document concept, extended with features I am currently missing.

My thoughts on workflowy

Overall I am really happy with what workflowy offers as a tool and I enjoy using it. I tried several of the bigger alternates to it. None of them could resemble the ease of use and often overwhelmed me with too many pointless features. Nevertheless, I miss some things, but these are mostly visual, little organizing helpers, or time savers.

There are a bunch of browser extensions that are recommended to enrich the experience with workflowy, but they don't appeal to me. Security and my privacy are the main reasons I don't want to use them. Also, it feels somewhat hackish to use them; like some of these DIY videos, where everything is done with hot glue.

What do I like using workflowy?

  • ease of use and limited feature…

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