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Martin Emmert
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Readme of my endless document app experiment

Attempt to replicate the Workflowy endless document concept, extended with features I am currently missing.

My thoughts on workflowy

Overall I am really happy with what workflowy offers as a tool and I enjoy using it. I tried several of the bigger alternates to it. None of them could resemble the ease of use and often overwhelmed me with too many pointless features. Nevertheless, I miss some things, but these are mostly visual, little organizing helpers, or time savers.

There are a bunch of browser extensions that are recommended to enrich the experience with workflowy, but they don't appeal to me. Security and my privacy are the main reasons I don't want to use them. Also, it feels somewhat hackish to use them; like some of these DIY videos, where everything is done with hot glue.

What do I like using workflowy?

  • ease of use and limited feature set does emphasis the focus on the content
  • nearly everything can be used via keyboard shortcuts
  • it is fast, responsive and frictionless unlike its competitors
  • jotting down my thoughts as they come into my mind
  • the search is easy to use and search settings can be saved as a favorite
  • I am not constrained to a specific workflow and can do whatever works for me

What features am I currently missing in workflowy?

  • more text formatting options within a nodes description field
  • document structuring through headlines and sections
  • possibility to change the bullet icon of a node or coloring it
  • spacer elements to structure documents
  • linking to other nodes without using the title of the node automatically
  • automatically receiving the title of inserted links
  • coloring of tags
  • collection of used tags
  • grouping favorized searches in a tree structure
  • native extensibility

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