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How do people store their spare tech kit?

mark_nicol profile image Mark Nicol ・1 min read

Hi All

I have a question. Over my time working with computers I seem to have accumulated quite a collection of odds and ends; Old cables of various types, power supplies and transformers, spare network and drive cards, spare or backup hard drives, other useful bits of old computers, multimeters, soldering irons, breadboards, and the like.

At the moment most of it is packaged up in zip lock bags in the drawers of an old desk - but I know this is a far from the ideal answer because even with labelling it takes ages to find things and I'm the only person in the house that can find the spares for things when something breaks.

I've already gone through and ditched everything that is dead, completely redundant or that hasn't proven to be useful in the last year.

How do other people cope? Please share your storage solutions and ideas.

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Michael Gale

I’ve got tubs. Four tubs. with smaller tubs inside the tubs. and a handful of medium sized tubs.

bits of stuff inside the smaller tubs, bigger stuff usually living in squalor underneath them.

Each tub is a category.

Music gear:
Cables, guitar pedals, microphone, headphones, mixers, patches, power supplies

“Memories” tub:
Important documents, photos ‘n stuff. Would probably grab this in a fire

Gaming tub:
Controller cables, PC parts, USB sticks, (in small tub), controllers if I’ve done a tidy.

Multimedia tub:
Power cables, video (hdmi)

When I say “tub” I mean, ikea KALLAX cube storage things, that go into a shelving unit like drawers.

Everything is cable tied and rolled.

It still gets chaotic though..

But the benefit Of the kallax is it looks nice and harmless when it’s put away.

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Mark Nicol Author

I like the balance of your categories - It is nicely pragmatic. The stacking of small boxes in bigger ones makes a lot of sense.

I don't know the KALLAX system but the photos online look very practical. When you say tubs is that the DRÖNA cloth ones or do they did you find other ones that fit the shelves?

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Michael Gale • Edited

I swear this took forever to find.

KUGGIS is the name of the actual tubs. they’re flat packed, 5 sheets of plastic that clip together to form a box. small hole in the side so you can pull them out.

The smaller tubs are nothing special, just 2.5, 5 and 7litre plastic tubs from a $2 / thrift shop.

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Mark Nicol Author

Thanks for taking the time to find the details - I'll certainly have to look at those next time I'm IKEA.

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Ben Sinclair • Edited

waves from Edinburgh

I think you're stuck with the Big Box Of Crap method. Though for anything you're thinking of ditching, there's always the Remakery in Leith.

Other than that, see who at work wants any of it. You might find other people with similar tastes who give you their off-cuts at a later date!

Oh, and I bet the stuff you're keeping just-in-case is never going to get used, that's been my experience...

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Mark Nicol Author

Waves back from East Lothian. Hi Ben. The remakery is such a fab place. That is such a good call. At least half the computers and monitors in our house come from there and over the years we've had a pretty good 2 way trade. I've got a couple of laptops to drop off next time I'm through that way

Yep. Deep down I know you are probably right about that stuff. I just need to keep hold of it a little longer first ;-)