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APIs 101 Using Postman

7 th of October 2021 I have attended "APIs 101 Using Postman" workshop organised by the Postman Student Experts @zeoshark and Swastik Mishra from ITER SOA virtually on YouTube live. It was a great experience overall and I learn about Postman APIs. Workshop covered basic request methods that are GET, POST ,PUT and DELETE along with data retrieval in JSON format. All these methods were explained in fun manner with examples in which ever member can create their IDs and posts their fun jokes individually.
Overall it was an overwhelming experience to attend this learning along with fun. Kudos to the Postman Student Experts @zeoshark and Swastik Mishra.
Thank you for the opportunity @zeoshark and @Swastik Mishra .....
Waiting for swags eagerly 😍🤩

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