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Playwright Automation Commands

Discover how Playwright simplifies web automation with easy-to-use are few common commonds used in playwright.

element.$$(selector): This command helps find all the smaller parts inside a bigger item that match a specific choice.

element.getAttribute(name): With this, we can get information about a certain property of an item.

element.inputValue(): It helps us find out what's typed into an input area.

element.fill(value): This command lets us type something into an input box or a text area. Just like clicking with a mouse, this command mimics pressing on an item.

element.hover(): It simulates moving the mouse over an item without clicking it.

element.selectOption(values): When you have a dropdown menu or a list where you can choose things, this command helps pick the options you want.

page.evaluateHandle(pageFunction[, …args]): This one's a bit more complex. It runs a function on the page and gives back a special kind of result called a JSHandle.

So, Playwright helps automate tasks by letting you do things like finding parts of a webpage, interacting with them (like typing or clicking), and getting information from them.

These commands make it easier to write scripts that can do these tasks automatically.

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