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Unreal Engine 5 - Multiplayer Template

We are super happy to launch the initial version of our Unreal Engine 5 Open Source Multiplayer / Open World template that can provide a quick and easy jump start to test and create multiplayer and open world experiences and applications.

Simply create your world, package for Linux, and start testing your creations in the browser by deploying them using Make Live.

Using the power of many built-in Unreal Engine 5 features such as World Partition, Online Subsystem, Pixel Streaming and the Gameplay Ability System plugins. The template is a great way to kickstart and get creative with creating worlds that take you and your friends to another planet, world, or application experience. Additionally it has LAN multiplayer support all setup and ready to go for testing that works when deployed to Make Live.

There is a long road ahead to keep maturing the template but it is important step forward of wanting to allow as many creators, studios, and teams the ability to create applications and "worlds where everyone can play". The template is open source as we look to get community involvement and push what can be done to help jump start everyones development with Unreal Engine 5.

Dedicated server(s) would need to be rolled out in order to support mass amounts of players and persistent game modes. Watch this space for how we want to make this easy for people using the Make Live platform.

Template Features Include:

Full Source Code:

We have also created a short tutorial video showcasing how easy it is to create a basic world with the template and deploy with Make Live.

Video Tutorial

Don't have time to clone the repository? No problem. We will continue to deploy the latest version of the template on Make Live so you can see the base functionality right in your browser at:

If you decide to create something with the template, please do not hesitate to drop us a tweet or live chat message and we will look to host and feature your creation on our Community Page for FREE.

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