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Embeddable URLs Available

Hot on the heels of our new launcher being released we are continuing to improve and roll out new customisation features. We can now announce that we have released the ability to embed your projects into your own website, blog or even Unreal Engine community posts.

In order to embed your projects you can simply use the following snippet. All you need to do is set the src attribute to be your project url with the addition of the suffix ?embed=true.

For ease of implementation here is a snippet that can be copy and pasted into your own HTML / web applications:

  title="Make Live Player"
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You can see an example of the above code in the blog post on our website as doesn't support our iframe yet.

This gives you a fully playable embedded Make Live project that allows everyone to start showcasing Unreal Engine Pixel Streaming applications anywhere you like.

As we look to improve and roll out even more customisation options and toolkits to bridge communication from the browser to Unreal Engine we would love to hear your feedback.

You can always find us on Live Chat or Twitter over at @MakeLiveHQ.

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