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Day-74 Training At Ryaz

  • Date:26/04/2022
  • Day:Tusday

Today, I started at about 10:40 am as I was in progress to complete the java script course so, today I started with the left over task firstly I started with flat and flat map The flatMap() method returns a new array formed by applying a given callback function to each element of the array, and then flattening the result by one level. It is identical to a map() followed by a flat() of depth 1, but slightly more efficient than calling those two methods separately. the flat() method creates a new array with the elements of the subarrays concatenated into it.
The map() method creates a new array whose elements are the results of a mapping function.after this I started with sorting arrays it basically have sort() function and it have fowling functionalites The sort() sorts the elements of an array,The sort() overwrites the original array,The sort() sorts the elements as strings in alphabetical and ascending order.then I started with some more ways of compleating the arrays and after completing it I started with twelfth module as it included with converting and checking numbers in this I basically learnt that we can convert one type to another and we can check the type as of boolean types it returns as true and false. so, this way my day ended up and I got to learn many new things.

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