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This month we're snug as a bug under a Glitch-powered rug

Happy April! I recently got back from speaking at the Community-led Summit in Boston to a room full of other professionals who also have “community” in their title. Who manages the community when all the community managers are in a hotel conference room? For Glitch, the answer is “the rest of the Glitch team.” They’ve also been working hard on updating containers and deploying newness to the Glitch preview, so this email is dedicated to them for all their hard work and enabling me to take a couple of days off to tell the Glitch community story to the rest of the world.

In case you missed it, this month’s Glitch Community Code Jam prompt is “cool bugs”. And now that I’m back in town, it’s a good time to get started if you haven’t already: you can join me this Friday at 2pm on the Glitch Jams Live stream and we can work on our submissions together! Until then, the rest of this email has a lot of links to cool apps and blogs that should keep you busy.

See you on

Jenn, Director of Community and Bugs 👽

P.S. Speaking of live shows, my pals on the Dev Rel team here at Fastly run a monthly show on Youtube featuring demos and live coding. If you like or hate 😏 bots, you’ll want to subscribe and catch the next one!

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On the blogs ✍️

Our roundup of March projects from the community will take you on a journey through breathing exercises, screensavers, the terminal, and so much more. Also on the Glitch blog....

Here are some blog posts from the community that we loved!

Have you written about your Glitch apps on a blog, a conference talk…anywhere? Let us know and we’ll feature it in the next newsletter!

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On the forum 📣

Check out what the Glitch community is sharing and discussing:

The Glitch Community Forum is the best way to ask the community for help, share what you’re making, exchange friendly banter and get to know your fellow friendly Glitch creators. See you there! 😎

Glitch Pro gem

Haven’t gone Pro yet? New subscribers can sign up for Glitch Pro with the code COOLBUGS and get 25% off. You’ll get 100% of the superpowers Glitch Pro gives you – like project access controls, always-on apps, and more!

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