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Outreachy Blog #1: Introducing myself

hello everyone 👋

I am Lumu , a software engineer coming close to 3 years in the open source world. Contributing to several causes that make the world a better place.
I have been recently selected as an Outreachy intern for the Dec-Mar'23 cohort 🎉. I'll be working with Eclipse adoptium on the project "Open Infrastructure Monitoring Configuration: Project MonCon" with my mentors Scott Fryer and Haroon Khel and Shelley Lambert.

Can't explain how humbled and excited I am to work with such a great community in this cohort and I'm looking forward to learning from and engaging with the community!

            **Some of My Core Values**
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Anything worth doing is worth doing well (Philip Stanhope)

I always try my best to uphold this standard in every area of my life, especially in my career as a software developer where incompetence can be costly either in the present or future. I try never to submit work that I've judged to be subpar.


Measure your life not by its duration but by its contribution (Peter Marshall)

This is important to me for several reasons. there is a gratifying feeling that comes with making contributions to either a project, community or cause. it is my way of giving back. Given that I've benefited from the contributions of others, whether its free online learning resources, free software or a mentor showing me a thing or two, it's only right that I make contributions that benefit others as well.


I finally figured out that the only reason to be alive is to enjoy it (Rita Mae Brown)

I always endeavor to experience all the happiness that this life has to offer. Having fun or at the very least derive mental satisfaction in most things I choose to do. Life is too short to spend it on things that are non-stimulating.


  **What motivated me to apply to Outreachy?**
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I've always wanted to make more impact as a software developer, so I applied in a heartbeat when I first learned about the Outreachy Internship Program,
Outreachy provides paid internships in open source to underrepresented groups in the tech industry . Although I wasn't successful in my first attempt, I got some valuable experience which led to me being successful in a subsequent attempt.

If you've applied to an Outreachy round and didn't go through, don't give up, persistence with refined hard work does the magic!💡

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