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TypeScript Documentary: the Web evolved with types!

Hey Devs!

I watched the TypeScript Documentary (rating 8/10)

I'm here to share my thoughts.

TypeScript currently helps a lot of people.

VS Code, React, Angular, Vue, Google, Airbnb, Meta, Yarn, Vercel, Deno, ES Lint, Slack, GitHub, Microsoft and several other companies (yours probably), frameworks and dev tools uses TypeScript.

It's a necessary evolution for the Web - it would happen one time or another - Flow failed, Dart followed other paths, and AtScript merged with TypeScript.

TypeScript benefited the entire Web.

Why TypeScript?


1) Adds static typing to JavaScript language and increases programming security, as we can identify errors before running the code;

2) Transpiles code (Converts TypeScript code into compatible JavaScript. That is, it uses the latest features of ECMAScript, such as classes, arrow functions, async/await and modules, which are not available in older versions of JavaScript. TypeScript transpiles .ts code into JavaScript compatible with older versions, such as ES5, to work in browsers and environments that do not support the latest ECMAScript features);

3) Integrates into MANY tools and IDEs;

4) Helps the TC39 working group specify and define new standards for JavaScript;

5) It is built collaboratively under the open source community.

What motivated?

Many Software Engineers needed to scale JavaScript, but a few years ago it was impractical to work efficiently with multiple people on a team using pure JavaScript.

They found the best solutions, leaving aside the Meta x Google x Microsoft competition.

In a healthy (and intelligent) way, Satya Nadella management embraced open source in MS's business model and supported the TypeScript working group, which today is an open source project that benefits the entire Web platform.

Watch the TypeScript Docucmentary!

It's a class about the Web as a platform.

*** Rating 8/10 because it only showed elite Devs, it failed to show the common Devs who help with the project.

Video - TypeScript Documentary:

Link - TypeScript Website:

I hope you enjoy it!

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