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Web Share API: how to use device native share

Hey Dev,

Did you know that Web apps can also use the system provided share UI, as native apps do?

Yes, you can! Using the navigator.share() method of the Web Share API in any Web application.

Let's see how!


var btn = document.getElementById("webshareapiButton");

btn.addEventListener("click", function () {
    url: document.URL,
    title: document.title,
    text: "Lorem ipsum..."
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It's very simple! But have some requirements to works...


  • Works only on websites running over HTTPS. But works on local development (localhost) for tests.
  • Works only in response to some user action (such as a "click" event). To prevent abuses.


I made a simple demo code comparing common social media share buttons (links based) and a button calling Web Share API.

Note that some Desktops devices (like Windows, Linux and macOS) have no native share UI. Please, try to click on the button bellow using your Mobile device, to view the native share UI.

Don't forget to include a fallback logic to unsupported devices, like this:

if (navigator.share) {
  // Web Share API is supported, include code here
} else {
  // fallback code
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Now you know how to use Web Share API on any Web application.

To know more details about the Web Share API, like the current Browsers compatibility, see the links bellow.


I hope you enjoy it!

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Matías Mascazzini

Thank you! the web share API works perfectly